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Baby & Toddler Swimming Lessons in South London & Surrey with Waterlife Swim School

Level 1 classes are for babies between the ages of 3 to 14 months; having completed the first level your baby may then advance through the levels learning new skills each term.

All babies up to 2 years must ‘double-up’ with a neoprene nappy over their swim nappy (see our Nappy Policy here) – these are available from Splashabout.com

Children over 14 months with little or no swimming experience may join our Tadpole class available at our larger venues. Tadpoles are introduced to basic swimming skills and gradually encouraged to be submerged. They will then be integrated into the upper levels in the following terms.

Our level 4 swimmers are approximately 12 months+

Our Juniors and Junior plus swimmers are 2 years +

Click to view our Balham, Morden, Streatham & Bisley Spring 18 schedule

Click here for Spring 18  Cedars & Strathmorew@GreyCourt

You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF schedules. If you don’t already have it please click here to download it.

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