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Nappy Policy

At Waterlife Swim School we require each child under the age of 2 years to wear a Happy Nappy whilst swimming.

The passing of solids (or semi-solids) into the water can create a serious risk of an infection called Cryptosporidium being passed into the water. Should a movement occur and leaks into the swimming pool, we must cancel classes, and drain, clean, re-fill and re-heat the water, usually a 24 hourNappy1 turn around.

If you arrive at your class without a Happy Nappy you may not be able to swim.

The Happy Nappy is made from neoprene material and comes in a variety of colours and sizes. They start from:

X small – birth to 2 months (3-4kg)

Nappy2XX large – toddler (16kg+)

Prices start from around £9.99 from www.splashabout.com

A re-usable soft cotton wrap and biodegradable liner from www.splashabout.com is preferable. (disposable swim nappy from chemists and supermarkets are acceptable but please consider the environment and help reduce the mountain of nappies going to landfill each week)


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